Party with Cough

Saw Cough twice within the past month. Trying for a third.

The move out of Savannah was the shit As for the music scene in Charleston—not so much.





Pizza girl

Occasionally I like to look at reviews for Vinnies. Possibly out of vain reasons yes, but also just because most of the comments are hilarious. Especially when they are made by people that were more than likely ridiculously rude and/or wasted  and all they recall was a not-so-welcoming atmosphere. So today when I checked Urbanspoon I found this little gem. I have no idea what story I made up that time. But I do hate answering that damn question at least 10 times per shift.

Last minute doubts

Totally irrational, but I’ve been thinking about how odd it is going to be getting out of Savannah. It is probably because I am moving to a new place and I will know absolutely no one. First real (401K, insurance, etc.) job. I needed a push to leave and I definitely got it within the past couple of months—but why does listening to the radio at work make me feel a sort of pre-nostalgia?

Dear Savannah,

Fuck Ya’ll.

I’m moving to Seabrook Island.


I hate being sick but I love the time off work to dive into some new books. I gave my old Elements of Style to a friend some time ago—so I could not resist getting the new hardcover. It’s so beautiful.

Blizzard Beasts