Last minute doubts

Totally irrational, but I’ve been thinking about how odd it is going to be getting out of Savannah. It is probably because I am moving to a new place and I will know absolutely no one. First real (401K, insurance, etc.) job. I needed a push to leave and I definitely got it within the past couple of months—but why does listening to the radio at work make me feel a sort of pre-nostalgia?

2 responses to “Last minute doubts

  1. Ja Rule always reminds me of sixteen year old Ben smoking weed in a bowling alley parking lot. Try that, it might take the edge off. It was weird leaving the dirty for us, but you can always visit! Somehow no matter how that place changes, t always stays the same….which is probably why I moved!

  2. True story. I don’t think Sav. will be changing anytime soon—which is why I need to move too, actually. This place is such a black hole.

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