Back in C-Port

Went home


My pipes froze. It is absolutely freezing outside.


I am still in the process of decorating my apartment. Totally having a hard time hanging up the horns because, as it turns out, every place I want to put them has plexi-glass somewhere in the wall and I can’t get a hook into it. Bummer.

New apartment


New life.








New studio apt.! New warm blankets! New life!
I feel like a Bronner’s soap ad. But that’s just fine.

Oh, and new phone. Because my old one flew out of my back pocket while biking—and the screen was impaled. So I need new numbers.

Up until recently I really hated working so much—but it has allowed me to get my shit together and actually buy all the things I want—such as the aforementioned super sweet apartment. My mother even came up to help me organize things and pick something out—she requested that I not Go for the taxidermy animal route…but I am not sure that I can resist on a deer foot coat rack.

I can’t move in for about 30 days because the current resident is a total slob and the place needs a new paint job and a serious deep cleaning. Then I get to make it look brutal. Stoked.


I finally went out and bought my first purse. I’m feeling like I am becoming more mature as the days go on. Or something like that. Either way, it made my over-bearing mother extraordinarily happy to find her daughter is now sporting Coach.


Clayton has an awesome blog in which you should check out. It is the same blog I am stealing the picture from:

The Baroness show owned.

Anyway, there is a lot of cool stuff going on, like the pagan festival, the gun show and the weather. But I am way too tired to post anything on it. Pictures later.

Summer’s recital

Tonight I got off of because I said I has previous plans with my “internship.” The internship being going to a super-brutal Baroness show. I feel like I am more excited than everyone else.

Yea, it’s a secret show. So what?

The girls and I had lunch together and followed it up by going shopping. As if our life is some fucked up version of Sex and the City. I loved it. I got this Marc Jacobs necklace I have kinda been obsessing over the past week and a half.

It has been a pretty good day. So ready for tonight.


11 hour shifts are really taking a toll.

I basically stay in bed with the dogs until it is time to get ready to go to work again. I love going to bars—but the life behind one is not the life for me.